For Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/VISTA


How to add Hindi Fonts to your system

  • Click on the DOWNLOAD FONTS link above. Save the file
    at any location (eg: Desktop or My Documents).

  • Right-Click on the and extract it to your desired path.

  • Select and Open Control Panell from the Start Menu

  • Control Panel is listed in Start Menu in Windows XP and
    Settings in Windows 95/98

  • Then open Fonts folder from the Control Panel

  • Click on the File menu in the Fonts folder and select Install New Font

  • Double-Click on C:\ folder to get HumSamvet Fonts folder

  • or choose the path where you saved the fonts
    (for eg: Desktop or My Documents).

  • The fonts KrutiPad 010 , Kundli Hindi Normal &   DBEHindi     will be listed,
    " Select All " and press " OK ".

  • After installing fonts, press the Refresh button on your browser
    and you should be able to read the hindi fonts.

  • If you still see junk character close the Browser and open the Website again.

  • On some systems, Restarting your computer may be required.